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Dash Blaze

In July 2014, Dash Arts presented its first ever Dash Blaze - a firework burst of music and performance with artists from the Post Soviet States. It featured an intense rush of performances, events, workshops, films, club nights and live music throughout July at Rich Mix, Latitude, EBRD, and WOMAD featuring leading musicians from Ukraine, Russia, Armenia and Belarus offering a glimpse of sensational world music, rock and folk sounds from across the region.

Highlights included Dakha Brakha from Ukraine whose unique folk rhythms created wild and unforgettable music in an exclusive London appearance just prior to WOMAD, Radik Tyulyush the brilliant Tuvan throat singer performing with The Damned guitarist Lu Edmonds, The Trans-Siberian March Band, Armenian folk singer Lilith Guegamian and the Belarusian troubadour Sasha Illukevyich and his British band - The Highly Skilled Migrants.

And at Latitude Festival, we created a pop-up time travelling Russian summer house, a Dacha in the Faraway Forest where we invited revellers on a journey through 20th Century Russia.

Dash Blaze 2016

Leyton Midsummer Festival

19 June | Leyton Jubilee Park, London

Celebrate Midsummer Eve with a feast of musical performances, delicious food and drink and a variety of family friendly activities, arts and entertainment for all ages. Explore folk stories in a Midsummer Night’s Dream, Kupala-inspired Faery Den. Make head-dresses, lanterns and puppets while hearing stories that weave magic and mystery from across the globe with acclaimed story teller Craig Jenkins and designer maker Bryan Woltjen.

Entertainment with an Eastern European flavour included:
MuHa / Elena Dana / Katy Carr and The Aviators / Don Kipper / Yiddish Twist Orchestra / DJ Penny Metal

Mimika Orchestra: Divinities of the Earth and the Waters

25 June | The Courtyard Theatre, London

Dash Arts and The Courtyard Theatre present the extraordinary Mimika Orchestra with Divinities of the Earth and The Waters, a Kupala Mid Summer Evening of Magical Mystery Madness  - bringing together South Slavic folk traditions, live electronics and contemporary jazz into a feast of performance performed by their big band. A theatrical show that uses archaic Slavic languages, the onomatopoeia of Khlebnikov’s futurism and elements of the folk music from the Balkans mixed with Mimika Orchestra’s own brand of alternative jazz-rock.

Mimika Orchestra is a unique ensemble, in many ways a mixture of a traditional band, prog rock band and a jazz orchestra (big band) with members from the UK, Europe, West Indies and Africa. It uses varied instrumentation from brass and woodwinds to percussion, live electronics and voices. Elements of theatre are obvious in the band's expressive energy when using voices and bodies rather than only instruments. The ensemble is fronted by the expressive stage persona of Maja Rivić, led by Croation composer and saxophonist Mak Murtic and supported by various musicians from London’s jazz and other scenes.

Dash Blaze 2015

YAT KHA & DJ Penny Metal

Thursday 23 July | Richmix, London

Founded in Moscow in 1991 as a collaborative project between Albert Kuvezin (Russian: Альберт Кувезин) formerly of Huun-Huur-Tu and Russian avant-garde, electronic composer Ivan Sokolovsky, Yat Kha (Russian: Ят-Ха) blends traditional Tuvan folk music with post-modern rhythms and electronics.

Yat Kha is named after the giant zither that lead singer Albert Kuvezin often plucks at on stage. But at other times he'll be grinding out fuzzed up riffs from an electric guitar, which shows the two main hooks in their unique sound.

The truly anarchic Penny Metal is a DJ extraordinaire, boldly playing tunes no one else dares. Her passion for Eastern European and Russian music shines through in the eclectic sets she unleashes on her audiences. Innovative and inspirational, expect a quirky soundtrack of rich folk anthems and eccentric electronica splashed with polka, surf and chiptunes. With wry humour and a cheeky grin she propels you into your own personal cartoon.

Dash Blaze 2014

Lilith Guegamian

2nd July | Rich Mix, London

Guegamian is an accomplished Armenian folk singer with a fairy-tale voice, full of delicacy and imagination.

A Dash Café in association with Music of Armenia

Radik Tyulyush

10th July | European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, London

Direct from Tuva, Tyulyush is one of the world's leading throat singers and multi-instrumentalists. For this exclusive London appearance he is joined by collaborator Lu Edmonds, former punk guitarist with The Damned.

Trans-Siberian March Band and friends with DJ Penny Metal extraordinaire

16th July | Rich Mix, London

A night on board the Trans-Siberian Express with live music, films and food between stations.  The evening will include the brilliant Trans-Siberian March Band and Mazaika Duo, DJ Penny Metal, and food samples from the station stops along the way from theatrical culinary wizards, Russian Revels.

Dash Arts Dacha

17th - 20th July | Latitude Festival, Henham Park, Suffolk

Situated in the Faraway Forest, here you can escape to a rural Russian idyll and ever-changing immersive performance space laced with enticing intrigue and dangerous secrets. Lose yourself in films, dressing up, live music, theatre, hot tea, fevered discussion and late night DJ sets drawing on a century of Russian music.

In association with Rich Mix and Yad Arts

Dash International Theatre Workshop

23rd, 24th, 25th July | Toynbee Studios, London

Dash Arts co-artistic director Tim Supple will lead our first Dash International Theatre Workshop for performers from London’s exceptionally diverse immigrant communities including those from Post Soviet States. This FREE workshop is open to performers not born in the UK and for whom English is not their first language.  With thanks to Artsadmin

Dakha Brakha

26th July | Rich Mix, London E1 6LA
27th July | WOMAD, Charlton Park

Award winning theatrical quartet from Ukraine whose folk melodies and rhythms create unforgettable music that is at once sacred and modern.

Presented in association with British Ukrainian Society

Sasha Ilyukevich and the Highly Skilled Migrants

30th July | Rich Mix, London

The great Belarusian troubadour Sasha Ilyukevich and his British band The Highly Skilled Migrants create an incomparable brew of post punk electric energy and folk lyricism.

A Dash Café