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Productions In Development


We have entered EUTOPIA, our new programme of work. We are searching for an understanding of what Europe is now, how it got there and how the UK got to the point of leaving…and what that means. As always, Dash Arts will highlight and celebrate Europe’s diversity and hidden marvels; confront generalization and encourage new insights and fierce debate. Eutopia will embrace our Dash Cafes, Dash Gigs, Dash House, Events and eventually productions and continue for as long as feels right – at least until 2020.

Images from Josephine's research travels (spring, 2018)

Imagining Europe 

A new work for the theatre by director Tim Supple and writer/dramaturg Katie Ebner-Landy produced by Dash Arts TransNationalTheatre with partners across Europe and a trans-European, multi-lingual cast and creative team.

In September, 2019 we begin a travelling workshop and forum of research and development in search of Europe…

We will encounter actors, theatre-makers, thinkers, activists and members of the public and  investigate the ancient myths, historical legends and contemporary narratives that define our sense of what Europe is and might be.

We begin in London, Southampton, Coventry, Liverpool and Leeds before going to Stockholm, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Warsaw, Budapest, Milan, Athens and Madrid. Further sessions of research and development will be scheduled in 2020 in other key cities in the Balkans, Baltics, Ukraine, and Turkey.

Creation and production is planned for 2021/2022.

Host theatres include: Young Vic, London; Theatre des Bouffes du Nord, Paris; La Abadia, Madrid; Teater Tribunalen, Stockholm; Belgrade Theatre Coventry; Nuffield Southampton Theatres; Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse Theatres; Leeds Playhouse

‘Lightning rods have to be grounded. Even the most abstract, speculative of ideas must be anchored in reality, in the substance of things. What, then, of the idea of Europe?’ George Steiner

Out of Tune

A new work of music theatre by Josephine Burton with partners across Europe and a European cast and creative team.

Out of Tune is an artistic search for the heart of Europe. In late 2017, UK artist Josephine Burton met a Finnish musician Marouf Majidi in Helsinki.

Josephine: “When Marouf arrived in Helsinki 11 years ago, he felt an acute sense of being out of tune with local musicians. Marouf explained to me “For years, I was always the soloist, never part of the ensemble. I couldn’t find my groove with the group.” Eventually he found his voice, but now experiences this same sense of discordance when he travels back to Iran or Turkey.  I wondered whether there was a different sound in Finland– a sound that Marouf had to find and then an original sound of home which he had to lose in order to find his voice in Europe.”

Thanks to an Arts Council England Artist International Development Grant, Josephine spent 2018, meeting and working with professional migrant musicians and artists across Europe.

With 'Out of Tune', later in 2019 Josephine and Marouf will begin the development of a new piece of music theatre in Finland and Sweden, which will include an R&D week with 7 other European migrant artists and musicians, working towards finding and making a shared 'universal' experience, a sound and a story which transcends national, linguistic and cultural boundaries.  This is an artistic research project that asks challenging questions about contemporary European identity and what defines European identity for artists and migrants born outside Europe. It touches on migration, the future of free movement, cultural understanding and finds a new voice to express some of the answers.

'Out of Tune' will lead to a new production, a sound of Europe, which will tour widely.

Other Work

Our Transnational Theatre Workshops continue to develop internationally and Josephine is working on a new production of Osvaldo Golijov’s Pasion Segun de San Marco for 2020.