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Dash TransNational Theatre 

Dash TransNational Theatre is Dash Arts’ ongoing, peripatetic laboratory where research, travel, workshop, development and production meet in one continual process. Building on director Tim Supple’s multi-lingual work with Dash Arts in 35 countries and 71 cities, Dash TNT undertakes projects of epic scale with artists from the world’s great and varied performance traditions in search of a shared language of theatre.

Dash TNT Projects In Development

Imagining Europe

A new work with partners across Europe and a trans-European, multi-lingual cast and creative team, investigating the ancient myths, historical legends and contemporary narratives that define our sense of what Europe is and might be.

Dream of the Red Chamber

Adapted from the novel by Cao Xueqin

“Like nothing else in all of literature… a candidate for the Book of the Millennium...Why is China’s greatest novel virtually unknown in the West?” Michael Wood

Written in the 1750s, Dream of the Red Chamber is the 2,500 page epic tale of a noble family and its fall from grace. Taking place within the walls of a great household and focused on the women of the family and the women who serve them, the astonishing narrative and cast of characters create an essential social, cultural and spiritual portrait of China. A startling drama of wealth and power, hierarchy and tradition, marriage and sexuality, class and servitude, material and spiritual ambition, the family and the individual, this new two-part Mandarin stage adaptation will be created in Beijing with a Chinese creative team.


Like rivers that flow into a mighty ocean we are developing a trilogy of seminal epics: Persian, Urdu and Arabic. The great cultures of Iran, India and the Arab Empire meet in a unique transnational theatrical project encompassing Shahnameh (The Book of Kings), Tilism-e-Hoshruba (The Enchantment of the Senses), and Alf Layla Wa Layla (One Thousand and One Nights).

An international cast and creative team will develop the project in India and create three productions, each an event in its own right, with an overnight cycle as the eventual pinnacle, modelled on the living tradition of Indian theatrical epics.

King Lear

A research and production process investigating the world’s great theatre traditions and resulting in a multi-lingual and transnational King Lear for a global audience.

The project was launched in a pilot workshop in 2015 at Warwick Arts Centre and University of Warwick featuring artists from Tanzania, India, South Korea, Italy, Algeria, Belgium, Morocco, Russia, France, USA and UK. Workshops have followed in India, UAE, Mexico, Japan and South Korea and further sessions are planned in Egypt, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, USA, Australia, Tanzania, South Africa, and China.

TNT Workshops for actors and theatre-makers

Our intensive workshops led by Tim Supple, offer an examination of the most fundamental elements of theatre performance, distilling decades of experience across continents, languages and traditions.

Sessions are planned in India and UK through 2019 and 2020: next up will be Mumbai in August with further details to be announced soon.

  • King Lear World Theatre Workshops
  • King Lear World Theatre Workshops
  • King Lear World Theatre Workshops